May 2020 Updates

Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile but we're glad to be sending out some information regarding the end of the year and some tentative future dates. Despite our current situation, we hope this email finds everyone healthy and looking forward to some warmer temperatures and sunny weather(hopefully soon)! We know that the end of this year is definitely challenging in more ways than one and we appreciate your patience as we work through this together.

Music Mentors Meeting, May 13th at 7 pm

This Wednesday evening, May 13th, at 7 pm we willl be holding our monthly Music Mentors through Zoom. The link is listed below. Please check your devices before the meeting to see if there is an app that you may have to download, or do what we will be doing and ask your students for advice! Please bear with us during this meeting as this is all new for us.

I am hoping that all of our current and future Executive Board and Chairpersons will be in attendance.

Link :
Music Mentors Zoom Meeting, May 13, 2020

Meeting ID: 898 2555 3828
Password: 5n1ysG

Current Events and Future Calendar

The home page of our website has current try out information for the Color Guard. Please refer to that information for all try out information.

The TENTATIVE calendar of dates for the FCMB's season next year was placed in Schoology. It will be up on our website in the next day or so.

2020-2021 FCMB Registration

Below is a registraton link for all students participating in FCMB for next year. Please complete this ASAP as it is what is used to compile a roster for the new year. More detailed FCMB information will be available in the next few weeks so please ensure that you are all subscribed to our emails. For those of you that know of new members, please spread the word about subscribing to our emails. Our directors will also be sending this information out to our 8th graders joining the FCMB.
2020-2021 FCMB Registration

Senior Scholarships

Thank you all for your patience in announcing our Senior scholarship recipients. Winners will be announced by the end of the week. Details on the announcement will be available after Wednesday's meeting.

Uniform and Instrument Turn in

Heads up - Please gather together your garment bag, hanger and dress or tux (pants & jacket) and be ready to turn them in within the next week. More details will be forthcoming regarding turn in soon.


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