Music Mentors – Week of March 1st, 2020

MHS is hosting OMEA Large group, March 13-14th
Music Mentors will be hosting the OMEA Large Group Contest on March 13-14, 2020. We are in need of LOTS of volunteers to make this event run smoothly and successfully as we have in the past. Two of our own bands will be performing in this event, Scarlet Band and Wind Ensemble.
Below is the Sign link to sign up to volunteer. Again we are in need of many volunteers at this point and are asking if you can find a few free hours in your schedule to help us out, that would be appreciated. Student sign ups are posted outside Mr. Poremba’s office.
If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to reach out to Angie Arslanian at
Thank you for your support of Music Mentors!
2020 OMEA Large Group Adult Volunteer Sign up
Board and Committee Positions for the 2020-2021 School Year
Board Positions
At the March Music Mentors meeting, the nominating committee that was formed in February will present their slate of nominees for the 2020-2021 Music Mentors Executive Board positions. However, we want to remind everyone that if you or someone you know is interested in serving in an Board position (President, VP1, VP2, Treasurer or Secretary) and have not accepted a nomination from the nominating committee, you may nominate someone at the March meeting, bearing the minimum qualifications are met. Those are: must have attended a minimum of three meetings this year, have paid their $1 membership fee and are a member in good standing following all policies placed by the organization and the district. Once all nominees are presented and verified at the March 4th meeting, they will represent those on the ballot for election. Elections will take place at the April 1st Music Mentors meeting.
Committee Chair Positions
We would also like to take an opportunity to remind everyone that Committee Chair positions are appointed by the President and the Board. There will be 7 Committee Chair positions to fill next year: Service Crew, Hospitality, Uniform, Chaperone, 50/50, Scholarship and Website. The Publicity Chair duties are being merged in with the Secretary duties.

If anyone is interested in serving as a Committee Chair for any of the above Committees, please contact the current chair or you may contact Angie Arslanian at Current Chairpersons should contact Angie Arslanian (if they haven’t already) with their plans regarding the position for the next year. Once elections are completed in April, the President and Board Elect will then choose the chairpersons for the 2020-2021 school year.
This Week in Band:
– March 4th, Wednesday: Music Mentors Meeting, 7 pm; There is no OMEA walk through on this evening.
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