Music Mentors – Cedar Point Call time in now 6 AM

Cedar Point, Monday , August 5th CALL TIME 6 AM!
▪ CALL TIME HAS BEEN CHANGED TO 6AM! This is to ensure that we have ample time to load the truck before our first trip of the season. We plan to depart the school by 7 am. We plan to depart the park by 10 pm.
▪ Students should be dressed in their summer uniform when arriving to the school. Summer uniform consists of their red polo (they will receive on Friday, August 2nd), Black “Docker type” pants, (no yoga or stretch pants for the ladies), tall black socks and their dinkles (band shoes).
▪ Students should bring a change of clothes and shoes to wear in the park. In general, the band arrives right around park opening time, they will warm up and wait for a Cedar Point Representative to take them to the midway to perform. Bands perform in the order they arrive so we try to get their early. Once they are done performing they will be able to change and head to the park for the day. They can leave their uniform on the bus.
▪ Students should eat something before they come. They should stay hydrated throughout the weekend as it looks to be hot and sunny on Monday. We will have water for them for when they are done performing. They will also need money for food throughout the day. They are welcome to packs some snacks or food for themselves as we will have a “home base” with a chaperone at all times for them to come back if they need something. They will be required to check in once throughout the day.
▪ Any student that still has paperwork due has been notified. All paperwork must be in and the ticket paid in order to go on the trip.

Upcoming Events
▪ 8/5, Monday: CEDAR POINT! Call time 6 am
▪ 8/6, Tuesday: CHANGED – Rehearsal is now 10 am – 2 pm; Chipotle Mentor Ave. Dine 2 Donate
▪ 8/7, Wednesday: Rehearsal, 8 am – noon
▪ 8/8, Thursday: Rehearsal 5p -9 p
▪ 8/9, Friday: 8 am -noon
UPDATE: Rehearsal on 8/12, Monday is now 1 -4 pm due to Freshman Orientation