Week 1 is Here!!!

  1. Veteran Members return at 8 am, Monday, July 23rd while New members will arrive at 9:30 am that day.
  2. Rehearsal times for this week is 8 am – noon, M-F
  3. Tuesday, July 24th: Dairy Queen Fundraiser on Lakeshore Blvd ALL DAY, we earn 20% of Food sales and 100% of putt-putt sales, please remember to tell there you are there for Music Mentors and the bands
  4. Wednesday, July 25th – Music Mentors Meeting 7 pm

Reminder: Rehearsal ends at the times listed and these are held in various places at the high school. Sometimes they are on the stadium, many times they are on the practice field behind the soccer field. It will take time for 260 students to march back to the building, clean up, pack up their instruments and gather their belongings.

Please remember that ALL members need to complete:
1. A hard copy of the OMEA Emergency Medical Authorization Form.
2. A hard copy of the FCMB Field Trip Permission Form
3. Uniform Supply order form. Band Supply Form or Guard Supply Form
4. Log in to Final Forms and complete JUST the sections titled Contact Information and Emergency Medical Authorization. You can disregard the section Band Field trip permission form and just as a reminder, a physical is NOT needed to participate in Marching band.

Please complete the above items before your 1st scheduled pratice and bring the required hard copies on the 1st day as well. This is very important! The day is long and hot and if something happens to you , the staff needs to have a way to get a hold of someone in case of an emergency!

Don’t forget to take a look at our FCMB Tip Sheet to help you and marcher prepare for the next couple of weeks! Water, water, and more water!

The FCMB BBQ is right around the corner!

Our annual FCMB BBQ is August 1st! Your marcher should be coming home with one but just in case you may download one here! All responses are due by Friday! Also, Kary needs lots of helpers for this event. If you’d like to lend a hand, please contact her by emailing hospitality@musicmentors.org

Important Dates!!

July 23: Rehearsal 8 am – noon. Veteran members arrive at 8 am and new marchers arrive at 9:30 am
July 24 – 27th: Rehearsal 8 am – noon
July 24th:DQ Fundraiser (Lakeshore Blvd)
July 25th: Music Mentors Meeting 7 pm in the band room! Please join us!
Music Mentors Membership Form

Volunteers and Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting is required of all our volunteers. Parents and Adults that plan on volunteering in any capacity: you will be required to go to the Board of Education before you can volunteer. The June and July hours will be 7:30 AM – 4 PM. Please have your drivers license with you and your Social Security number. When you arrive you will let them know which schools you have children in and also mention the FCMB. It only takes a couple minutes.

For those students/families no longer in marching band or any concert band who wish to not receive these emails, please hit the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email. Thank you.