Week of July 16

It’s the Beginning of FCMB Season

Wow, FCMB begins this week for our new marchers, leaders, percussion, guard and majorettes! How exciting! You will see weekly emails from now on that will highlight what is going on for the week. It is important to note that if you see a change on the MentorFCMB Twitter, or if your marcher tells you about a change from Mr. Poremba or one of the other directors – follow those instructions! Many times students get the information well before we do!

Please remember to visit the FCMB section on our website. It is there you will find many links and important forms and paperwork. There is also another section with Forms as well.

Forms and Paperwork:
* Complete Final Forms online – You only need to complete Contact information, Online band Permission slip, and Emergency Medical Authorization. No Physical is needed for band.
* Please also complete a hard copy of the Field trip Permission slip as well
* Every marcher should complete a uniform form.
* Join Music Mentors and become of part of this wonderful organization!

Please remember – the amount of information received at the beginning of the season can be very overwhelming! Any of the Music Mentors Board, the chairpersons or any of the FCMB directors will guide you to the correct answer should you have any questions. As a guide – anything specifically related to band (schedules, absences, conflicts, instruments, etc) should be directed to Mr. Poremba. Any questions regarding fundraisers, meetings, Spiritwear , uniforms, etc should be address to Music Mentors.

Lastly, please note that getting 260+ band members organized and dismissed in an orderly fashion can take a little bit of time. As rehearsal ends, they have to pack up their instruments, clean up the area they were working in, and it can take a few minutes. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

I look forward to an amazing season with such an exciting group of musicians! I look forward to seeing many returning members and their families while we welcome our new marchers and their familes! Get involved with Music Mentors and watch from the sidelines the amazing progression this group goes through from July – November! March Proud!!

July 17, 2017: Leadership Retreat in C Lecture 4:00 – 8:00 pm. Dinner will be served! Burrito Loco! Bring your instruments and/or equipment.
* July 18, 2017: 1st Day for New marchers, percussion, guard and majorettes. 2:00 – 9:00 pm. Read the FCMB Tips sheet for some pointers on how to prepare best.
* July 18, 2017: 6 pm; Meeting for Parents of New Marchers followed by Ice Cream Social for our new members and their families. Uniform orders, Music Mentors Registration Forms, Field Trip Permission slips, etc will be accepted at this time. Remember , we can take cash, check and Visa, MC and Discover. We will have sizing samples as well. Spirit Wear orders will also be available for pick up and we will take more orders at this time as well.
* July 19, 2017: Rehearsal 5:00 -9:00 pm for new members, leadership, percussion, guard and majorettes
* July 20, 2017: Rehearsal 5:00 -9:00 pm for new members, leadership, percussion, guard and majorettes

Spirit Wear 
All spirit wear ordered before the end of June will be ready for pick up on July 19th. We will also be taking new orders at this time as well. We do have sample sizes of most items. We can take credit and debit cards as well.