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Who We Are

Music Mentors is a group of volunteer parents from the Mentor School District who work "behind the scenes" acting as chaperones, uniform handlers, fund raisers and band boosters.

Our Story

How You Can Get Involved

Interested in  volunteering? Many positions require lots of helping hands.  Find out about each position to see how you can help and what volunteer opportunity is right for you, and click on the links below to email the band directors, executive board, or committee chairs for more information.

Band Committees

Your help is needed!  It takes many hands to keep our Band programs running smoothly.  Please consider joining in the fun!  If you'd like more info about a committee or want to join, simply click the link to email the Committee Chair.  Thank you in advance!

Service Committee

Committee Chair - Jason Bednarski

The Service Committee is the "Operations" team for our bands.  We are responsible for getting all the equipment to and from the field for all home and away games, which includes loading and unloading our FCMB Semi truck, maintenance of all of the equipment and even building all of the props that are used for Marching Band competitions.  We also take the props onto the field for halftime shows and for the competitions.  Our awesome crew even sets up the stage for all of the band concerts throughout the year, OMEA competitions and anything else "operations-related" for our Bands.  If they need it, we will build it!

Uniforms Committee

Committee Chair - Carol Grommel

Our Uniforms crew is responsible for keeping our kids looking great!  We measure and fit all of the Marching Band uniforms, all of the tuxes and dresses for all of our Concert Band kids and keep them looking clean and sharp all year long.

Chaperones Committee

Committee Chair - Meredith Everett

Chaperones take care of our kids at both home and away games.  We make sure they are all present and accounted for at away games, check them on and off and accompany them on the buses and even make sure they have all of their uniform parts with them.  We make sure they are hydrated and healthy and accompany them on bio breaks as needed.  We take care of all of the kids as if they were our own!

Hospitality Committee

Committee Chair - Jess Thellman

The largest and "most loved" Committee is Hospitality - that's because our main job is to feed the kids during half time!  Hospitality parents generously donate snacks of all kinds - baked goods, fruit, cheese snacks - you name it - all so that we can provide the kids something to munch on at half time. Our fabulous Hospitality crew also provides baked goods for the Pasta Dinner and we set up and take care of the food for the FCMB BBQ.  Anything food related, that's us!


Scholarship Committee

Committee Chair - Kim Bednarski

Scholarship is a great way to get involved with our Band programs if you can't commit to time frames, but can help from home.  Each year, the Band awards numerous scholarships to our well-deserving seniors and the way we do this is by gathering donations from our area businesses as well as national franchises.  All donations are beautifully packaged up and raffled off at the FCMB Banquet's famous Chinese Auction.  Through our committee's hard work, we've been able to award over $5000 in scholarships over the past three years!

50/50 Committee

Committee Chair - Christina Smelcer

Our 50/50 team is responsible for selling 50/50 raffle tickets at all of our home football games.  We make someone very happy at all of the home games, and get a little exercise, too!  We always need a lot of help, as we like to have 10-12 sellers at each game, so the more, the merrier!  We also help with selling tickets for the FCMB Banquet and the Pasta Dinner.


Website Committee

Committee Chair - Michael Siskind

Our Website is taken care of by one or two helpers that keep us all updated on the events of our bands throughout the year.


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