Music Mentors – This week in band, week of Monday, September 21st!

It's the week of our second home game!

Please look over the following information regarding the game on Friday, September 25th:

▪ Call time for all band members is 5:30pm
▪ Percussion, tubas, and guard members should be dropped off and report to the FAC entrance to MHS for equipment. ALL OTHER BAND MEMBERS should report the AUXILIARY GYM in the rear of MHS - students can be dropped off and picked up here after the game. The Auxiliary Gym is in the rear of the HS next to the Paradigm building.
▪ Uniform for our performances will be the red FCMB polo shirt, black (khaki style) pants - no yoga pants, leggings, or shorts, and black socks and dinkles.
▪ In addition to their instrument/equipment, students should have a water bottle for the game. There are no concessions this year at the games so students should EAT BEFORE THE GAME.
▪ Band members will be with the band in the end zone for the entire game - the kids will not be permitted to leave the area where the band is seated without a staff member.
▪ Games usually end around 9:30pm - please have rides arranged for your band members to be picked up around that time. We do not have normal building access except for putting equipment away after the games. The students will need to be picked up after the game.


Tuesday, September 22nd: Rehearsal 5:30 - 8:00 7:30 pm
Thursday, September 24th: Rehearsal, 2:45 - 4:45 pm
Friday, September 25th: It's Game Day! Call time 5:30 pm!