Music Mentors – Week of August 11, 2019

Band camp week 2019 has come and gone, Cedar Point has come and gone and we hope your marcher learned a lot, had a great time and made some great memories! Thank you for all your making our BBQ a great one with all kinds of awesome food ! Thanks for being patient and understanding with paperwork and orders, missing forms, and any other mishaps that we had!

Thank you to all my Music Mentors volunteers, not only the board and chairs, but each and every one of you that donated food, helped us out, signed up to join a committee- no matter what it is – it helps keep this amazing organization rolling! We couldn’t do it without the support of our families! Thank you to our chaperones and service crew who accompanied us to Cedar Point. Thanks to the uniform moms who have put in countless hours fitting uniforms and dinkles! Kudos to all of you!
Pay to Participate
The Pay to Participate fee is now showing on the parent portal. This fee is due August 23rd. If you have any questions regarding this fee, please contact Mr. Poremba at
Disney Fundraiser
Our first Disney Fundraiser has begun! Orders with payment are due August 29th!

PLEASE NOTE – frozen foods are NOT available to be shipped to home! Please keep this in mind when sharing this on social media or when showing the products to those both near and far! Any frozen items ordered will be delivered to the school at delivery time for the student to pick up and deliver.
Marching Band and Concert Band Schedules
Many new students have been asking about student schedules and band. Mr. Poremba will go over this in detail with the students this week.

Upcoming Events
▪ 8/12, Monday: 8:30 am Call time for Leadership
▪ 8/12, Monday: Rehearsal 1 – 4 pm
▪ 8/13, Tuesday: Rehearsal 8 am – noon
▪ 8/15, Thursday: Rehearsal 6 – 9 pm
▪ 8/19, Monday: First Day of School!
▪ 8/20, Tuesday: Rehearsal, 4- 7 pm
▪ 8/22, Thursday: Rehearsal, 2:45 – 5 pm
▪ 8/24, Saturday: City Fest Parade, Call time 8:30 am