Week of August 20, 2017

Schedule for the Week

August 21, Monday: Music Session 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm (For those that need additional help)
August 22, Tuesday: Rehearsal, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
August 24, Thursday: Rehearsal 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
August 25, Friday: 1st Game at Massillon. Call time 2:30 pm
August 26, Saturday: CityFest Parade. Call time 8:30 am; Drumline will also play at the beginning of CityFest . Leadership will perform at noon-ish.


First Game, away at Massillon:

  • Call time is 2:30 pm which means you need everything with you when you come to school! Dinkles, tall black socks, black dri-fit shirt, gloves, money for concessions.
  • We will be eating as a group before we leave. Hot dogs and a few snacky items, and water will be on the menu.
  • Parents – we will arrive back LATE as this is a far distance. Please bear in mind that the marchers have to then turn in uniforms before they leave. Keep in contact with your marcher to know when to pick them up.

CityFest Parade:

  • Call time is 8:30 am at the high school
  • Parade Attire: Black pants, red polo, tall black socks, dinkles
  • Drumline and leadership will be playing at the approximate times as listed above depending on the parade timing
  • Make sure you keep hydrated for the parade and eat something before you come!

Tag Day:

  • Tag Day forms are now available and should have been handed out to students. I will put the links below for the online form and the hard copy below. EVERYONE in band (FCMB or Varsity Concert Band) MUST fill out a form, either online or handing the hard copy in.
  • ABSENCES – must be cleared through your director! Please complete a paper copy of the form and give to your director. The deadline for filling out this form (online or paper) is August 28th.
  • If you are interesting in driving for Tag Day on September 9th, contact Amy Freeman (vp1@musicmentors.org). WE NEED LOTS OF DRIVERS! ALL DRIVERS need to be fingerprinted. The Fingerprint Form is also online as well and you would just take that form to the Board of Education and it takes only a few minutes for that process. Please consider giving a few hours of your time to help make this the best Tag Day Ever!!! It is very much appreciated
  • You can fill out tag day information here: Tag Day Online Form OR You can print this Tag Day form – PRINT VERSION and turn it in to your director. (Absences MUST use this sheet and turn it in to their Director!)

Service Crew Help Needed

Our competition show this year will require lots of hand on deck for the service crew to assist with props being taken on and off the field as well as assembly at each location. We’d love to have some more help!!! Be a part of this great volunteer bunch and see first hand all the hard work that goes into our shows and get involved! We understand work schedules and conflicts , that’s why we need anyone and everyone to sign up as we have Friday & Saturday games, weekend competitions that vary in times, plus the crew gets together during the week to help with construction. Please contact Anthony Yanni at service@musicmentors.org with any questions you have or to sign up. Please remember, all of our volunteers must be printed through Mentor Schools and the Fingerprint form link is above in the tag day section.

Last Call for Spirit Wear

We will take one last batch of spirit wear orders to our vendor. These orders must be received no later than Friday, August 25th, 2017. No orders will be accepted after that date.