Week of July 30 – Band Camp is Here!!

Well, the long awaited fun filled band camp week is here! The students are going to work hard, have a great time, learn tons of material and make lots of great memories! We want our families to join us at the BBQ on Wednesday and come watch the Shaving Cream Showdown on Thursday. Hope to see lots of faces!


July 31, 2017: Monday: 8:00 – 5:00 pm Pack a lunch! Treat at lunch time!
August 1, 2017: Tuesday, 8:00 am – 7:30 pm Pack a lunch! We will be providing a pasta bar dinner at 4:30 pm with choices of meatballs and marinara sauce, chicken fettucini alfredo, macaroni and cheese or buttered noodles, salad, rolls and cookies.
August 2, 2017: Wednesday, 8:00 am – 11 pm Make sure they pack a luch for today andpack their swim needs and a towel .
August 2, 2017: Family BBQ behind the student center at the High school at 5 pm. Please remember to bring your food items to share to ensure we have enough food for 260 marchers and their families. Get your hot dog counts for your families into Deanne Roberts if you haven’t already done so. Her email is hospitality@musicmentors.org. Bring some chairs or blankets to sit on! The kids will go back to practice after they eat and they go right from practice to the pool party across the street at 9 pm. Pool party ends at 11 pm at the Civic Center.
August 3, 2017: Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm followed by Shaving Cream Showdown at 5 pm in the same area we had the BBQ. Pack your lunch today but you will receive a treat. Make sure your marcher buys MENTHOL FREE shaving cream. How much you ask? As much as they want but most kids show up with 2-3 cans. Come watch while the kids cool off and release some stress! Bring your camera! Lots of memories to be made!
August 4, 2017: Friday 8:00 – 3:00 pm Pack your lunch today but again you will get a treat at lunch! Pictures are at 3 pm and with 260 kids getting their picture taken, it can take awhile! Picture line goes by seniority. Picture envelopes will go out tomorrow. Make sure your marcher has their envelope and the payment on Friday for picture day.

As a reminder, they should pack a lunch bag or cooler with ice packs if they have anything perishable with them, bring lots of water, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, good shoes and a positive attitude! Eat a good breakfast before you come! Get ready to have a great week!

Spirit Wear and Uniform Fees

Spirit wear will be available to order at the BBQ and previous orders will be ready!

Every member should have completed a uniform form and each member will be paying the FCMB fee and purchasing a Cedar Point ticket or indicating if they already have a pass. If you have not done so, please get those in ASAP.

Music Mentors can take credit and debit cards now! You can do that at the spirit wear table at the BBQ on Wednesday.

Volunteer Fingerprinting

One very important change for this year with our organization is that ALL volunteers will need to be fingerprinted through the Mentor Board of Education. It is for the safety of our students as well as our safety that these precautions be taken. Current volunteers need to contact their committee Chairpersons or myself to get a form. Print out the form and indicate the organization is Mentor High School Bands. Let your chairperson know when you have completed the process so that we can keep a running tally of whose is eligible to volunteer. If you have not been fingerprinted, you will unfortunately not be allowed to assist. Fingerprints are needed yearly.

Tag Day

Tag Day forms will also be out soon as all of our drivers will need to be fingerprinted as well. If you are interesting in driving for Tag Day on September 9th, contact Amy Freeman (vp1@musicmentors.org) and let her know so she can get you a fingerprint form.We are working to have the fingerprint form up on the site in the next few days along with an online Tag Day registration form.